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Visiting Bainbridge

It has been some time since my last photo trek with you. Today, I would like to share my experience in Bainbridge, Georgia.

Bainbridge, Georgia is a charming southern town located in Decatur County. The town is known for its rich history and excellent bass fishing opportunities. The Flint River runs along the edge of the town and eventually merges with the Chattahoochee River to form the Apalachicola River. In 1952, the Woodruff Dam was completed, which led to the formation of Lake Seminole, a reservoir at the meeting point of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers.

I usually stay near the Woodruff Dam, which is situated on the southern end of Lake Seminole. However, on my latest trip, the park was full, so I chose to stay in Bainbridge, which is to the north. Upon arriving at the RV park, I discovered that the Flint River was at flood stage, and the park was located across the road from it.

Upon check-in at the park, I had the pleasure of meeting two work campers: Candy and Arizona in the office. Fortunately, they found me an available site on high ground and safe from flooding. Arizona and Candy have been working at the park for approximately a year and are originally from the western part of the country.

Arizona is a true cowboy who carries a gun belt filled with bullets and a six-shooter in his holster, and he even dresses in traditional western garb, complete with a cowboy hat. This was not exactly what I had expected to see from camp hosts in Georgia, but they were very friendly and helpful, nonetheless.

After a day of rain, the weather started to clear up. I decided to visit the downtown area since the park along the river had minor flooding, mostly in the parking areas. It was a Saturday and when I arrived at Willis Park (the town square), I found families celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

The town square is a place that takes you back in time. You will find vintage Civil War cannons, historical items, and plaques. A large Gazebo fills one corner of the square with an old oak tree towering above it. Azalea bushes are in full bloom throughout the square.

The streets bordering the square have partial areas of the old laid brick roads. Restaurants and shops surrounding the square blend their historical architecture, adding to the wonderful southern character of the city.

After checking the shops, I found one where the proprietor said the shop has something for everyone. She was correct in finding a souvenir magnet for my frig. Later I stopped and enjoyed a cup of coffee at the coffee shop. Then, after a short walk, I arrived at a beautiful park overlooking the Flint River. Truly, Bainbridge is a city filled with southern charm and history.