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Why did I stay a moment longer

Science may explain how something I see happens, but what is it that leads me to a place where I discover or makes me stay a moment longer?

Several years ago, I stumbled upon the enchanting world of photography, which has the power to observe and preserve precious memories. I feel fortunate to be able to share breathtaking photographs that capture priceless moments. However, these moments often pass by quickly, lasting only a few seconds or minutes.

While in Bainbridge, I captured a photo of the colorful clouds reflecting on the water. It was a fleeting moment that I could have easily missed, but something made me stay a bit longer.

Perhaps it’s a hunch, call it fate, but for me, it’s a gift from above. Let me tell you about my journey.

After enduring a long and dreary winter in Florida, I am finally able to travel again. I have decided to spend a couple of weeks in Bainbridge, Georgia. My campsite is located across the road from the Flint River. Unfortunately, upon my arrival, I discovered that the river was at flood stage and the water level was still rising.

I have some good news to share my site was located on high ground, so I didn’t have to worry about flooding. However, it also restricted my ability to take pictures of certain areas. Patience is a virtue, but unfortunately, I am not particularly good at it. Despite this, I waited patiently for a few days until the rain stopped and the waters receded.

Having driven around the area earlier, I decided to photograph the old historic town square in the early evening. Upon arrival, I found the square filled with cars and trucks. It lacked the charm and appeal I was hoping for. Sitting in my truck, I debated on waiting or finding something else and I remember seeing some flowers at the basin by the river.

I arrived at my destination, which was just a few minutes away, and started taking photos of the flowers. However, the harsh sunlight was making it difficult to capture good shots. Although many people, including myself, might have given up and packed away their cameras, I persisted. I managed to find some shady spots and took a couple more photographs.

I didn’t have any specific plans, but I noticed that a few clouds were starting to form in the sky, so I decided to head over to the river and the channel leading to the basin. Once there, I set up my tripod and took a few test shots to determine the best composition while waiting for the sun to set. As I started taking photos, a few more clouds began to gather in the sky.

While I was taking a photograph, I noticed that the tree’s shadow was falling across the water. I decided to reframe the shot and managed to take a great picture of the sunset.

After the sunset, I felt confident with my work and started to pack up. However, something made me wait and I wandered around a bit. Then, I saw it – the reeds in the water were black and the colorful clouds and the blue sky were reflecting on the water, creating a beautiful scene.

Often, I find myself choosing the left path instead of the right or waiting for something without knowing why. It’s in these moments that I feel a difference. Maybe you too will understand the importance of following your instincts and staying in the moment a little longer.