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Time and Practice

Time and practice are important parts of your art. Whether you paint, make sculptures, or photograph like me, time and practice are what will hone your art.

I am often up early in the morning. I love to hike and walk before the noise of humanity fills the air. I think each of us needs that time. It calms you and prepares you for the day ahead.

As I travel, I like to stay for three or four weeks sometimes even more. It gives me time to learn and visit with those who live there. I stop in with park rangers and other guides. This gives me knowledge and helps me to discover places I might miss.

Time lets you be patient. By taking time you can study the light, try different compositions, and most importantly time allows you to wait until the elements are best for your work. Your work demands it.

I will find a scene that I want to photograph but the elements are not right. The light needs to be from a different direction or later in the day during the golden hour would be best. Time allows you to adjust and make changes until the elements come together.

Practice is the heart of our work. You might have the knowledge and the ability but without constant practice, we become stale.

I remember my first outing after six months of idleness during the pandemic. My pace was slow, I had to redo images, and I missed opportunities because I did not anticipate or was fumbling with my camera settings.

It is like riding a bicycle. You finally keep the date with your bicycle after months or years not riding. You hit the trail and get out there. Unfortunately, before then, your muscles did not get much use. The next day well you find yourself a bit sore.

You keep it up – twice a week. The first week four miles is all you could do. Now, a month later you bike twelve miles even more and you do not even think about it.

You did not forget how, but the mechanism needed practice and stretching. By practicing our skills and learning our art, we quickly understand what choices and the effect of them on our work.

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