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Sometimes a Rock Scramble – Why do it The challenge

    At an evening gathering of friends, I am asked, “Why do it?” My quick response,”Because it was there.” This did not really answer the question, in fact it avoided it.

    Here’s the story and the answer…

    I am hiking with my son to the summit of Snowy Mountain in the Adirondacks. It is just after Memorial Day; a time in the mountains you can expect black flies, and quick changing weather. The trail rating is hard. The app (All Trails) describes it as, A 7.1 mile hike… features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The elevation gain is 2132 feet. Reading the reviews, I discover it is 4.2 miles to the top and has a steep rock scramble ascent of over 1000 feet to reach the summit.

    The trail is very deceptive. The first 3 plus miles are easy up and down gentle slopes and easy small rock scrambles. A rock scramble is a subtle way of saying climbing over rocks on an incline, and the trails up there you figure it out how to get there. At the final leg, there it is a muddy wet rock scramble straight up with boulders as big and some taller than either of us. I am still not sure whether climbing up or getting back down was less treacherous.

    Was it worth it?

    Yes, it is. The view of Indian Lake is priceless. The view from the top of the fire tower is outstanding. Looking out to where the rock climbers scale up the other side spectacular. The black flies well, not so nice, but they only bothered us in the sunny area at the summit. The weather nice – the rain arrived after we left. The satisfaction of accomplishing the journey to the top – I would not trade it for anything.

    But why do you do it?
    Why not? Too often in life we avoid the challenge. In our journey through life, it is easy to simply not do it. On reaching the rock scramble, I could have said, “No! It’s not safe, I will fall,” taking the avoidance route. But why live? Many times, we deny the challenge is even there. That day, my son and I accepted the challenge, and the exhilaration upon making the summit rewarded us. Not only with beautiful views but a deep sense of satisfaction within us.

    You face challenges every day. Many are small, others seem overwhelming. Your action or inaction with them defines who you are. I believe, for creative people the challenge is within us. You have an inner voice, often contrary to public opinion. You have an idea but your good meaning friends, family or that all knowing person discourage you.

    Being a creative person, it is difficult to accept the challenges we face. We hear the critic who expresses how to be like every other. To comply with rules and “there is proper way to do this. Color between the lines.” Do you have the courage to accept the challenge? Only then will you climb your mountain.

    Deep inside of you is the answer. It is more than just to do it. It is the courage and perseverance to meet the challenge. Today for me, it was a mountain.

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    Tell me where to send it and I’ll you a copy of Seven Moments an eBook, as well bi-weekly articles, sneak peeks of my new work, and very occasional info about resources to help you with this creative craft we love.

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