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Revisiting Around the Corner

Back in 2003 or thereabout, I made my first photo collection. It was simple, some images around my neighborhood with quotations about each photograph. I’ve always been amazed by the discoveries; I make as I move about and turn the corner. Recently, while my cousin was in town, we visited the Railroad Museum at Bushnell Station. It is just around the corner.

This museum is the work and passion of Craig M. Hurst, who showed us about that Saturday morning. The museum is filled with model trains and displays of the past.  The first room holds replicates of many of the different railways. We were invited to tour the back area which housed scenes based on the different scales or track sizes.

Craig was our host and he told us all about the different trains and scenes. The scenes are lifelike, and I found myself wanting to photograph everything. I asked Craig if I could come in after-hours to make a few photographs. He welcomed the idea and I’m sharing with you my first photo trip today. I’ve only begun and plan to return soon.

It’s amazing what you’ll find just around the corner.

Enjoy Bushnell Station!

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  1. I really enjoyed your Bushnell Train Museum photos. We visited there butz seeing it through your lense made it even more enjoyable.

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