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Look for The Other Side

Photographs depend on the point of view you choose. Photographs are like life. Your viewpoint reflects the feelings and what you want the viewer to know about a subject.

When I was in Utah, I made a photograph that I named “Prayer Rock.” This is an example of choosing a specific point of view. My first photograph of the rock formation was much different. The rocks were distant and photographed at a level view of the rock. The smooth rocks show the effects of the eroding wind in the desert.

The final image is significantly different from the previous ones. The rock formation is much closer, and the camera angle is lower. The rocks appear to be towering above, reaching towards the sky. This perspective is from the other side of the same rocks. Unlike the other side, there was much less erosion, leaving the rocks sharp and hard.

Technically, both photographs are fine. However, like life, there is more than one side. In this instance, the difference is quite extreme. Sometimes, it may be subtle, it may be a shadow or a color.

When taking photographs, it is easy to focus on only one perspective and forget to explore other angles. Sadly, this tendency to limit our view is not unique to photography. In life, there are always different sides and perspectives to consider, but we often fail to take the time to look for them.

Our lives are shaped by our point of view or the influence of others’ perspectives. We tend to view things as right or wrong, but what determines what is right or wrong? Is it possible for one person to be right while everyone else is wrong?

Unfortunately, our world today is often driven by extreme views, leading to arguments, frustrations, and broken relationships without any meaningful resolutions. This raises important questions: Should we choose a side even if neither side is right? Is it worth being on the winning side if it means hurting others?

“It’s important to take a moment and contemplate an alternative approach. Have you ever tried to understand something from someone else’s point of view? Are you willing to consider the possibility that there might be a different perspective worth exploring? Taking a great photograph necessitates exploring different angles. Similarly, leading a fulfilling life requires us to do the same.”

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  1. I absolutely love this one. It’s extremely relatable especially for me right now. Thank you for taking my time to spread positivity and knowledge. The photos are awesome and I love the message behind it.

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