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Pictograph or Petroglyph – Does it matter?

Pictograph or Petroglyph there is a difference. Does it matter?

These ancient paintings and carvings are thought of as art by some and storytelling by others. Again, does it matter?

As I wander this Great American Desert, these ancient carvings and paintings make me wonder about the lives of these ancient archaic people. I think how growing up as a child might have been. How did they play? Did they play? What was this spiritual world they lived in? Did adulthood come quickly fighting for survival? Is today different?

Today, we live life with incredible communications, massive populations, and for many easy accesses to day-to-day needs. Yet is it different? Perhaps for some, but they probably have not looked around or at themselves recently. There is an undercurrent in our culture that is boiling over. We are in a fight for survival.

We are at war, not just between nations, but with ourselves. Perhaps you think I’m full of it. I truly wish you are right – but am I? I love our country more now as I travel than ever before.

During my travels, I have met many people. Some are radically different from me (unless you go back to my hippy years) and many are like you. The common denominator is you. You have your beliefs and that’s what makes you –You. So, what if I don’t agree or share your beliefs? For many of us, that’s not a problem. That’s what built this great country.

Sadly, however too many have lost sight of this. Our political culture has changed. The war of extremes is here. You are wrong, and I will get enough help to beat you and stuff it down your throat if I’m right. Yes, we are in the era of political bullies. The lost art of compromise a time when we could work out our differences and be friends, not enemies is rapidly disappearing. We forgot the premise of doing what is good for our fellow man is what is most important. So, what? Who cares?

I do. A friend told me that I’m different because I care. I thank her for that. It surprised me. I live a nomadic lifestyle much of the time alone. It gives me time to reflect on my life, people I know and meet, and wonder why I do what I do. Do you care?

If you care say something. Here’s where you can start:

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  2. Forward this email to a friend and help me reach out to more people like you and me.

You may choose to not do anything. I hope you don’t. It’s time you and I make a difference.

The good Lord blessed me with the ability to make beautiful photographs of the world. Many will never see these places any other way. My greatest hope is that my work will inspire others to see and feel the beauty this world has to offer.

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In another 3000 to 4000 years, we too might just be a pictograph or petroglyph. I’ve posted some new photographs for you. Check out Lyman Lake.

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