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Jim a friend an artist

As I was writing the article about my trek to Jekyll Island, a record album arrived from my friend Jim Van Arsdale. Jim is one of the most creative persons I know, and I am honored to be his friend. Let me tell you about Jim, rather than writing about my treks or photography.

Jim is an exceptional musician, songwriter, teacher, and more importantly, dedicated to a great cause. I’d like to start by telling you how Jim and I met.

We met twenty-some years ago. We both were working for a car dealership in our hometown. Jim was the service manager, and I was a car salesman. I think at the time both of us were searching for or working on a better way to live. We were two creative people looking for something more.

Jim played the acoustical guitar and was studying to become a teacher. I love Jim’s playing and he likes my photography, and our friendship grew. I still remember the day; I gave Jim one of my photographs. At the time, he had more faith in me than I did.

Jim finished school, left the car business, and became a teacher. Along with being a schoolteacher, he owns a music studio teaching guitar to people of all ages. Over the years, Jim has dedicated himself to helping young people to strive in the arts. He has established Perform4Purpose a nonprofit organization for just that.  

Perform4Purpose is growing and touching the lives of young talented individuals. With the help of sponsors and individuals, Perform4Purpose provides scholarships and constant encouragement to talented young musicians, songwriters, vocalists, and more. They showcase their abilities by performing concerts at local venues. To learn more about this organization, click the link:

Jim’s artistry and creative talents, and his passion continue to grow. During the pandemic (summer of 2020), Jim wrote several songs including one that I find especially beautiful: The Healing.  As this grew into an album, Jim asked if I would provide a photograph for the cover. I was and am deeply honored. The album arrived today. Jim is donating the proceeds to Perform4Purpose and the Auburn Public Theatre. Jim’s album release concert is coming up on March 19th here’s the link:

If you would like to learn more about Jim and his creative endeavors, follow this link:

I am truly blessed to be able to call Jim my friend.

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