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Grand is only the Beginning

    There is no way to put in a photograph what one experiences the first time one sees the Grand Canyon. No words explain the feeling as you stand at the rim of the canyon and look out for the first time. The enormity, the beauty, the incredible feeling of your sensory overload in sheer astonishment, is what that first look at the depths, the colors, the layers, the canyons, the mountains rising from the valley, standing on the edge of a canyon wall above it all… does.

    If you have been there, you understand this moment. It is not something you can photograph, record, write about and not feel the presence of nature and our creator. It is simply just too perfect.

    My latest collection the Grand Canyon is there for you to enjoy. If you ever have a chance to visit, go.

    Just follow this link: to the collection. My skills with a camera are only a beginning and often inadequate to capture this experience. Sitting along the canyon, I wish everyone were with me.

    God Bless and Enjoy.

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