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Giving Back Recharging My Batteries

One of the things I deeply enjoy is helping others with their photography. For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing my knowledge with a group of RVers at the park in Florida. This is where I hang my hat during those nasty winter months.

The group is very rewarding to me. It reminds me of when I shared my photography with you and others. Many use cell phones, some have SLRs, and some bring old cameras. The common theme is how do I take a better picture to share with my friends. Starting with basics we slowly progress into composition and using the tools to make creative photographs.

One of my fellow RVer asked me why I do this for them. My mind instantly flashed back to when you asked me the same question. I have two answers to this question, well maybe a few more than two. The first is because I can. The second is because it is incredibly rewarding to me when I see you grow and flourish as a photographer. It is my way of giving back.

During my stay here in Florida, I don’t make many photographs. It is the time to recharge my batteries and plan.  As I shared in my article “Growing as a Photographer,” it is my time to begin again.  If you have not yet read this article here is the link:

Here’s some things you may do to recharge your batteries:

Review your work from last year. Maybe you will find a lost gem. I did one time and discovered one of my best pieces. The photograph was awarded best in show at two different art shows. Later, it was selected for the Made in New York show.

Photograph something different. You probably know me as a landscape photographer. Now, can you picture me photographing dogs in a pet parade? Well, it was fun and made me think and use my camera differently. No matter where your photography is – it is never too late to learn something new.

Look at what others are creating. One of the most inspirational photographers to me is David duChemin. His work challenges me. I also enjoy seeing the work of beginning photographers. They don’t have all the buts and rules clouding what they see. I love to see what is capturing their attention. It provides insight to see my work differently. I hope my work inspires you. I’d love to hear from you and how I may help you.

Experiment with your craft. I’ve been looking and playing with the newest version of Lightroom. I love the new masking feature. It fills me with ideas for my work. It’s simply another tool to make a better photograph. Your learning should never end. For me, it is playing and having fun, seeing what else this beautiful creative world has to offer.

It is your turn now. What do you do to recharge or give back to others? Share what you do with everyone. Post what you do in the comment section below. It will be fun to share these ideas.

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