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Does your muse tease you?

Sometimes do you feel like telling everyone and everything to ___ off? Do your creative ideas become frustrations in despair? My creative muse loves to tease me endlessly. I think perhaps she’s confused. She believes her purpose is to amuse herself, not be my creative guide.

How are you doing?  Living the Dream?   I awoke this morning to decide not to get up.  Why?  Who Cares?  I’m living my dream.  Well sort of, I guess. Why didn’t anyone tell me that even an adventurer has to eat, sleep, buy groceries, deal with rain, the price of fuel, and so on?   Life is life.  The question is will you live it? 

Each day my muse awakens me to the possibility of a better day, but she loves to tease me. Thoughts run through my mind… Does anyone care? Why do I photograph? Perhaps you share the same thoughts from your creative muse.

My muse likes to amuse herself with me. I am sure she laughs as I await the setting sun and watch as dark heavy clouds end my hopes of a colorful sunset. My muse knows how stubborn and impatient I am. So, she loves to tease me by counting how many nights I will return to the scene and wait for the sunset after being disappointed the trip before.

It reminds me of my trip to Keaton beach.  After setting up camp at a nearby RV park, I hike to the beach to check it out. The small pavilion at the beach is picturesque. The white sand beach looks like snow with the western view of the gulf waters inviting me. Looks like a perfect place to make a sunset photograph. All it needs to have is some clouds to reflect the colors in the sky.

After tramping back to the beach five nights in a row, I start to wonder if I should give it up and move on. It’s been hot and sticky, and the forecast is calling for severe weather. Sometimes, my muse makes photographing and traveling an adventure.  

Like going to the fright night on Halloween. This night she took immense pride in scaring the crap out of me during the storm on Keaton Beach. The wind shook the RV into the night. The intense rain drummed on the roof louder than one could speak. One sat and wonder if this was the end.

The next night the clouds lifted away in the distance, reflecting light everywhere, and I made “Golden Sunset” at Keaton beach. You can find the photograph in my portfolio. Following the link below:

The best advice is to keep on doing your work. Perseverance is a trait needed for any creative person. Each day you must do the work. As you share your work, it is overlooked by all but a few. You wonder whether to continue, and you think about giving it up. Slowly, the few will grow to many.  Seth Godin’s post “Crickets.” Sums it up quite well for us.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the fine fickle finger from my work with my muse in Bluff, Utah. I’m still not sure whether my muse intended me to make this photograph “The Finger.” Now, I’m amused.

How are you doing? Life is awaiting all of us.

God Bless.

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3 thoughts on “Does your muse tease you?

  1. That storm sounded intense and I’m glad you haven’t given up on photography because it’s an incredible gift you have. Your photos tell amazing stories even without the story behind them 🙂 I love sharing your work with my friends as well and I hope your next travels are more smooth and less scary.

  2. Cindy Statz says:

    Norm, beautiful photos as usual! I wasn’t able to find the Keaton Beach photo….sounds like your wait was worthwhile! I am making some progress with my camera. I have to thank you…I hear your advise when I am taking my photos! Travel safely. Cindy

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