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Back on the Road

Well, I’m finally back on the road. It’s been interesting, frustrating, and filled with little instances that make me say what’s next. I’d like to rant about some and rave about a few others. Right now, the rants are winning, they lead about 4 to 1.

I’ll tell you the rants first.

First, let me tell you about Alabama. I’m trying to make a photograph of a sunset at Fish Creek Bay. It’s an estuary located near Mobile and a great place to fish.  The bay I thought would make a great setting for sunset. At the bay, there is a center which had several outside balconies facing in all directions. 

I decided this would give me a great vantage point. Well, I hiked up the steps about three stories to find that the deck had been closed and the wood flooring was being replaced. So much for a great photo here. I attempted to make a few and became more frustrated so I packed up.

Now, the best part.  Point number 2 for raves. I’m back to my truck packing up my gear and along comes a black pickup. The driver sees me and hurries toward me, I instantly knew here’s the local conservation police. The officer comes up to me and asks me for my fishing license. Now, you must understand he watched me put my camera gear away. I explain that I was not fishing and was photographing the sunset. He was okay with that considering I still had my tripod in my hands.

Next, he said you do know there is no alcohol allowed here. I said that’s fine. I didn’t realize he had observed me putting my water thermos into the truck.  You guessed it! He asked me to open and show the contents of my thermos.  I did of course. Do understand that he was polite and not hostile in any way. It just finished any desire to make a photograph here.

Score: Rants 2, Raves 0

Now, it is time to head for Natchez. The drive was nasty. As I went through, Mobile the skies opened up. The downpour was intense. Traveling across the bridge was hairy. I could only see the road and that’s it. Later as I pried my fingers from the steering wheel I think to myself that we get a lot of bad storms in March. Eventually, as I headed northward toward Natchez, I found sunshine and clear skies.

Score: Rants 3, Raves 0

I’m finally outshooting along the bluff in Natchez. I make some photos. Nothing special but I did get a nice photograph of the American Queen steamboat. It was anchored below the bluff. It all seemed to go so well. I got in my truck and planned to head up to enjoy the ranger’s tour at a historic site.

 I wait. I think I am missing something.  I sit in my truck nothing comes to mind, so I head out.  About four blocks, maybe five, I realize I do not have my phone. I realize I left it on the back of my truck in my jacket. I turn around and go back to where I parked. Nothing! No jacket and no phone.

Score: Rants 4, Rave 0

After two days of back-and-forth texting, I finally have a new phone on the way. I missed a beautiful foggy morning to photograph along the Mississippi River but that’s okay. My attempts to photograph have been met with stark skies and more weather. Today, it was different. The sky was filled with beautiful clouds and filtered sunshine. I hope you enjoy my photographs along the Mississippi River. By the way, I hope my phone gets here tomorrow.

Final Score: Rants wiped out by ONE Rave.

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  1. Man! What an adventure for sure. We’ve experienced not so pleasant places when traveling as well. I’m sorry to hear about your phone and jacket and hope they arrive and work asap! The weather has been very stormy here in north Florida the past week as well. I could hardly see driving lastnight. Stay safe and keep us posted. Hoping you find a place you love, very soon!

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