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Adventuring With My Muse

We all have our muse. Perhaps you wonder how I manage to make that wonderful photograph or gain the persistence  to go back again and again to the same place. I bet your muse is much like mine. She only gives you a reward when you earn it. Today, I’d like to share some stories of my muse and my creative treks with her.

My muse likes to amuse herself with me. She laughs knowing that clouds will roll in shortly ending my hopes of a colorful sunset. My muse knows how persistent I am. She loves to tease me.  She counts how many nights I return to the scene waiting for the sunset even after being disappointed the nights before.

It reminds me of my trip to Keaton beach.  After setting up camp at a nearby RV park, I hiked to the beach to check it out. The small pavilion at the beach was picturesque. The beach was white sand looking like snow with the western view of the Gulf waters inviting me.

My first night I went early to plan out my photographs.  I set up with the sun backlighting the pavilion. I was ready but there were no clouds, just stark skies. I made a few images but nothing special. The next day was the same.

The third day I didn’t venture out. The area was under a severe storm warning with tornadoes possible. We were advised to be ready to travel out of the area if the storm happened at high tide. Luckily, the storm hit that evening at low tide. My rig was between two bigger rigs which buffered the winds. The trailer still rocked away but sustained no damage.

I returned to the beach each night after the storm. Finally, on the last night before my planned departure, my muse rewarded me. You’ll find a link below to Keaton Beach. Enjoy!

Sometimes my muse makes traveling an adventure. She takes immense pride in providing special challenges, especially when she scares the crap out of me like the storm on Keaton Beach.

Another challenge was leaving Shenandoah. I was traveling south on I-81 about forty miles north of Roanoke making good time. The rig blew a tire. I gently coasted to the side of the road hoping the other tire would handle the weight. I pulled over to a large area on the bridge. Happily making it there, the color of my knuckles slowly returned as I pried them off the steering wheel. I made a call to roadside assistance, and a few hours later I was back on my way.

Other times my muse simply abandons me. She gives me one of those days that questions why I even bother. Those days sometimes stretch too long and then unexpectedly the reward happens.

Being creative I experience times where my creativity is very strong and then just the opposite, it declines. It is like climbing to the peak, enjoying the success, and then drifting downward into the valley.

A few days ago, I was in one of those valleys. I awoke to decide not to get up. Why? Who Cares?  I’m living my dream. Well sort of, I guess. Why didn’t anyone tell me that even an adventurer has to eat, sleep, buy groceries, deal with rain, price of fuel, and so on. Still, the sky is clearing, light clouds… Pick up the camera and I’m out the door… Back later…

I’ve learned over the years one simple thing from my muse. You have to getup and go. You will never make that photograph unless you are there to make it. Some days I’m rewarded, and many others not. The days that I get the reward are beautiful and make all of it worth it.

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